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All classes includes warm up, isolation breakdown and drills, and dance combos. Mixed Level or Intermediate/Advanced are geared towards dancers that are already familiar with Salimpour school technique.  

Mondays 7:00pm - Absolute Beginner

Mondays 8:00pm - Mixed Level (Intermediate to Advanced)

All classes are held at 
Balance Dance Studios 

4544 South Lamar, Austin TX 78745

Be sure and check the Balance Dance Studios site for periodic promotions!

Suhaila Salimpour finger cymbals

In Studio Options

Registration through Balance Studio



Red assuit costume

Zoom Drop In

Zoom classes have ended. Classes are now in-person.



Private Lessons

Focused time on your specific needs and questions.  Good for individuals or small groups.

Tips and FYI

  • Please no hip scarves with beads or coins in the studio

  • Stretchy clothing is best for class (think yoga wear); skirts or jeans will limit your movement

  • Warming up at the beginning of class is important, so please do this on your own if you arrive late

  • No filming your instructor or other students without permission  

  • Patience and practice are key to improvement over time - be kind to yourself along the way!

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